Sunday, August 5, 2012

August already

It seems that long trips are the perfect place to write blog posts; they’re where I’ve written most of mine over the last year.  In keeping with this habit, I’m sitting on a plane to Salt Lake writing this right now.

The last two weeks have been wonderful.  After I drove up to Utah from Los Angeles via Phoenix, I spent a few days there and then flew out to New York City to spend some time with Hannah and Brent and travel a bit.  Some things that happened:
  •  Went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra with Hannah and Brent
  • Biked all around New York on Brent’s bike
  • Visited Jaren in DC – saw the new MLK memorial, the International Spy Museum, and the Hirschhorn and African Art and Sackler galleries
  • Went with Jaren to Annapolis, saw the state house and drove over the Bay Bridge
  • Drove to Boston with Hannah and Brent – walked the Freedom Trail, ate good seafood, drove out to Plymouth Rock, visited Harvard and MIT
  • Spent half a day in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, could have spent three days – it was incredible
  • Sat in the studio audience of the Colbert Report with Ryan Kelly; a (hilarious) highlight of the trip!
  • Saw Ryan Teynor (this trip was full of Ryans) for the first time since high school – he lives with his boyfriend and has been in New York for seven years – only gay person I know fairly well
  • Went to the 9/11 Memorial with Jaren and his family (they all came to town for a family trip)
  • Saw Porgy and Bess with Hannah and Brent; Audra McDonald played Bess, and it was a powerful, moving show
  • Went to the Clinton Street Bakery for breakfast and Chelsea Market to look around after that

It was a really nice trip; relaxing, didn’t see too much but stayed pretty busy, and I got to see people I hadn’t for a while and spend more time with Hannah and Brent.  I didn’t feel like Brent and I had much of a relationship before this, so this has been very good in that respect.  Now I’ve got a week and a half in Utah, and then I’m driving to California!  Everything’s going by so quickly…

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  1. Will I see you while you're here? I'm sure I could round up a bridge game for us, even!